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Tourism Management Studies is an open-access, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal published by Allameh Tabataba’i University, the leading university in Humanities and Social Sciences in Iran. Tourism Management Studies has been established to provide an intellectual platform for national and international researchers working on issues related to tourism management. The Journal was founded in as a response to quick advancements in research on tourism management and was dedicated to the publication of highest-quality research studies that report findings on issues of great concern to the field.   

To allow for easy and worldwide access to the most updated research findings, the journal is set to be an open-access journal. 

The journal charges two million Rials to compensate a part of the arbitration fee, and if the article is accepted, additonally four million Rials will be charged from the authors for a part of the costs of processing the articles, the rest of the costs will be financially supported by Allameh Tabatabai University.

Non-Iranian authors are free of mentioned charges.

The journal is published in both a print version and an online version.

Clarifying the role of Participation of NGOs and Museums in the Process of Promoting Sustainable Tourism

Neda Torabi Farsani; Marzieh Hekmat; Hossein Sadeghi Shahdani; Aida Davoudian Dehkordi

Volume 18, Issue 63 , September 2023, Pages 7-40


  Nowadays, the impacts of tourism are one of the academic topics and concerns of experts in this field, and they are trying to increase its positive effects through network and cluster activity and find solutions to reduce the negative effects of tourism. Sustainable tourism requires the active performance ...  Read More

Tourism planning
The Factors Attracting Event Tourists to Local Festivals (Case Study: Flower and Rosewater Festival, Meymand, Iran)

Nima Khademi; Abbas Abbasi; Kazem Askarifar

Volume 18, Issue 63 , September 2023, Pages 41-72


  Local event tourism is one of the types of tourism that can play an essential role in the sustainable economic and social development of communities. However, this issue has received less attention. Meymand Fars Flower and Rose Festival is one of these events held every year in the spring season. This ...  Read More

Identifying the key factors of rural tourism in Heris city

Hossein koohestani; Fatemeh Kazemiyeh; Amir Ali Vazifeh

Volume 18, Issue 63 , September 2023, Pages 73-104


  Rural tourism is a part of the tourism market and a source of employment and income, and it can be considered an essential tool for the economic, social, and ecological development of rural communities. The leading research based on the need for long-term planning in the field of rural tourism in Heris ...  Read More

Tourism planning
Proposing a Multi-faceted Conceptual Framework for Religious Tourist Experience: A Systematic Review

Fatemeh Shekari

Volume 18, Issue 63 , September 2023, Pages 105-148


  Although the research on religious tourism experiences has increased in recent years, and given that most of the studies have been focused on the spiritual aspect of these experiences, there still needs to be more knowledge about the multiple attributes of religious tourists’ experiences. Therefore, ...  Read More

tourism management
Conceptualization of a religious tourism development model with an emphasis on the holy places of Kermanshah province

Ayoub Pazhouhan; Moslem Fallahi

Volume 18, Issue 63 , September 2023, Pages 149-192


  Religious tourism, a branch of cultural tourism, can stimulate development, especially in rural areas. This research was conducted to conceptualize a religious tourism development model emphasizing the holy sites of Kermanshah province. The research approach was of qualitative and Grounded Theory type; ...  Read More

Marketing economics
Investigating the role of entrepreneurial orientation in strengthening the performance of firms in tourism industry

Nader Seyed kalali; Elham Heydari; kamyar Raissifar

Volume 18, Issue 63 , September 2023, Pages 193-228


  In recent years, the economic potential of the tourism industry has attracted the attention of economic players. Studying the performance of active businesses in this industry and identifying effective factors in it has become more important. One of the variables that have been studied in this regard ...  Read More

Tourism planning
Assessing the benefits of gamification in tourism (A case study of the Persepolis historic site)

Pedram Farhadi; Nazanin Tabrizi

Volume 18, Issue 63 , September 2023, Pages 229-263


  This research aims to assess the benefits of gamification and its impact on tourism development at the historical site of Persepolis. The research methodology employed in this study is descriptive-analytical and is based on documentary studies, field investigations, and researcher-designed questionnaires. ...  Read More

Strategies of Preventive Tourism of Ramsar’s Spas

Davood Kia Kojori; Seyyed Mohammad Mirtaghiyan Roudsary

Volume 8, Issue 23 , November 2013, , Pages 97-129

  Travel for Treatment and Recovery is one of the most important of tourism objectives. Preventive tourism is one of the branches of health tourism, which in it, traveling is done so that it can use for natural resources with porpuse on it that it can prevent physical and mental problems. This study, is ...  Read More

Factors Affecting the Desire to Do Sustainable Tourism and Willingness to Pay a Premium for It

Azadeh Kazeminia

Volume 12, Issue 38 , June 2017, , Pages 23-43


  The present study investigates the influence of self-congruity and functional congruity in determining attitudes toward tourists, intention to do sustainable tourism and willingness to pay a premium for such offerings. To examine the hypotheses, a convenient sample of 300 students in Isfahan Province ...  Read More

A Model of Destination Brand Promotion

Manijeh Haghighinasab; Azam Mir Soleimani; Payvand MirzaeianKhamseh

Volume 17, Issue 57 , March 2022, , Pages 207-237


  Introduction In the modern world, a brand is a robust tool for differentiation, which is an important marketing strategy (Beritelli & Laesser, 2018). Statistics show that Iran has not yet been able to acquire a fair share of national income despite having great potential. In the Development Vision ...  Read More

Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility on Customer Loyalty with Regard to the Role of Customer Trust and Satisfaction as Mediators

Saeid Saeida Ardakani

Volume 11, Issue 33 , July 2016, , Pages 63-83


  With its ever-increasing significance, corporate social responsibility is becoming a main topic in hotel industry. A reason is that corporate social responsibility affects customer loyalty. Hence, corresponding allocation of resources is not regarded as a cost here; rather, it is an investment towards ...  Read More

tourism management
Designing a Model for Sustainability of the Supply Chain of Iran's Tourism Industry with an Emphasis on the Pandemic Conditions of the Corona Virus

Amirhossein Jahandideh; Ezatollah Asgharizadeh

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 26 September 2023


  The current research has been carried out with the aim of achieving the model for sustainability of the supply chain of iran's tourism industry with an emphasis on the pandemic conditions of the corona virus. This research was based on qualitative method and grounded theory strategy. Research data was ...  Read More

tourism management
Identification of cultural strategies of ecotourism centers in Mazandaran province with an approach based on theme analysis

Narges Larijani; Morteza Shafiee; Seyyed Ismail Najafi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 30 September 2023


  The aim of the present study is to identify the cultural strategies of the eco-tourism centers of Mazandaran province with fuzzy data coverage analysis. This study is practical based on the purpose. The approach of qualitative research and statistical community includes all the narratives related to ...  Read More

tourism management
A Learning Hotel Model for Iranian Hotel Industry

Morteza Bazrafshan; Hamid Zargham Borujeni

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 09 October 2023


  Organizations are forced to adapt themselves to the ever-increasing advances in knowledge and technology in order to survive in this changing environment. They are to take fundamental measures and changes based on innovation, flexibility, responsiveness, creative redefinition of the market and new opportunities, ...  Read More

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