Factors of the Tourism Weaknesses in Urban Development Plans of Kermanshah Province

mohammad saleh ahmadi; Mohammad Taghi Rahnamaii; Esmaeil aliakbari

Volume 14, Issue 48 , March 2020, Pages 1-23


  In any type of tourism trip, there are probably some reasons that, if combined, can be considered as motivational factors for travel. Awareness of these factors and how they affect different stages is essential in planning. Urban development plans in Iran do not have the proper and expected function ...  Read More

The Impact of Eco-tourism Culture in Conservation of National Parks (Case Study: Lar National Park)

Mahdi Karobi; Fatemeh Yavari Gohar; Reza Sarkheil

Volume 14, Issue 48 , March 2020, Pages 25-56


  The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of eco-tourism culture on conservation of Lar National Park. The research method was descriptive-survey and the data were collected by field survey. The statistical population of this study was all the researchers (ecotourists) of Lar National Park ...  Read More

The Impact of City Image on Time Choosing and Seasonality of Tourism Travels to Mashhad and How to Encounter

Gholamreza Kazemian; Omid Ali Kharazmi; Mostafa Mojaver Jourabchi

Volume 14, Issue 48 , March 2020, Pages 57-90


  The image of the city, which is one of the basic prerequisites of urban brand building, is composed of various aspects. These aspects can include architecture and urbanism, traffic and transport infrastructure, monuments, environmental features, range of services, culture, economic and science and technology ...  Read More

Scientific tourism; a phenomenological understanding of the experiences of Foreign tourists from Iranian universities

mohammadmehdi poursaeed; rahim zarea; Nima Soltani; ali abediny

Volume 14, Issue 48 , March 2020, Pages 91-116


  The present study attempts to understand the experience of scientific tourism and this has been investigated among the foreign scholars who have experienced scientific tourism in Iran. In this study, a qualitative research method and descriptive phenomenological approach were used, based on the need ...  Read More

Comparative analysis of spatial planning of tourist destinations development With emphasis on rural areas

ahmad roumiani; Hamid Shayan; Sojasi Qeidari Hamdollah; Mohammad Reza Rezvani

Volume 14, Issue 48 , March 2020, Pages 117-148


  The experiences of past decades in countries around the world show that attention to the tourism sector is one of the most important economic and communication sectors of governments. Governments have implemented various policies to promote tourism and its sub-sectors at national, regional and local ...  Read More

Identification and evaluation of Pre-geosites of Zanjan province and its impact on sustainable tourism development

Mehran Maghsoudi; hamid ganjaeian; Elmira Safdari; Milad Abdolmalki

Volume 14, Issue 48 , March 2020, Pages 149-178


  In the present study geotourism potentials of Zanjan province have been evaluated with emphasis on sustainable tourism development. The general trend of the present study is first to identify the pre-geosites of the study area, then to evaluate the geosites of the study area using Zouros and Kubalikova ...  Read More

Extraction of cognitive structure of Iranian senior tourists towards Lodging: Means-End Chain approach

saeid saeida; Fereshteh Pezeshki Najaf Abadi; Seyed Mahdi Alhosseini Almodarresi; Farideh sadat Hosseini

Volume 14, Issue 48 , March 2020, Pages 179-210


  The emerging market of senior tourism in Iran requires fundamental studies in various dimensions, including the behavior of senior tourists. The cognitive system of individuals is an internal factor affecting consumer behavior. The purpose of this study was to extract the cognitive structure of Iranian ...  Read More

Model impact branding on the city reputation and its role on the city performance

Sayyed Mohammad Tabatabaei Nasab; Fahime mahavarpoor; Faezeh Asadian Ardakani

Volume 14, Issue 48 , March 2020, Pages 211-240


  Reputation is a key issue in business. Like organizations, cities also compete at regional, national, and even international level. In such a competitive environment, reputation can be a valuable resource for a city. This study tried to present a model to explain the impact of branding on city reputation ...  Read More

Providing a Model for Identifying the Relationship Between Word of Mouth and Tourists Trust with Customer-Based Brand Equity in Shiraz Hotel Industry

Abolghasem Ebrahimi; moslem bagheri; amene pakdelian

Volume 14, Issue 48 , March 2020, Pages 241-267


  The purpose of this study is to provide a model to identify the relationship between word of mouth and tourists’ trust with customer-based brand equity in the hotel industry of Shiraz. This research is descriptive-survey and non-random sampling was used. The Sample size is 384 Iranian tourists ...  Read More

Evaluating investment potential tourism centers using integrated model of fuzzy Shannon’s entropy and fuzzy ARAS method

Seyed Morteza Hatefi; Nazanin Koohi Habibi; Elham Abdollahi

Volume 14, Issue 48 , March 2020, Pages 269-302


  Prioritizing tourism poles can be a benchmark for centralizing as well as determining tourist attractions and moderating inequality between regions and is a step in formulating a tourism development plan. The purpose of this research is to evaluate and prioritize tourism centers based on integrated fuzzy ...  Read More